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آئین جواں مرداں حق گوئی و بے باکی..اللہ کے بندوں کو آتی نہیں روباہی...Humanity is declining by the day because an invisible termite, Hypocrisy منافقت eats away human values instilled in human brain by the Creator. I dedicate my blog to reveal ugly faces of this monster and will try to find ways to guard against it. My blog will be objective and impersonal. Commentors are requested to keep sanctity of my promise.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Comment Moderation and An Apology

Four days back, I had installed “comment moderation system” recently introduced by blogger.com. It also provides user-friendly editing of comment before publishing.

Early morning on Monday, I had to leave for Lahore due to death of a relative and came back yesterday after noon. The comments that were written during this period could not be seen by me earlier than yesterday evening. So, inconvenience to any commenter is regretted.


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