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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Probability Theory

Pervez Musharraf had claimed that, October 12, 1999, Army had moved to topple Nawaz Sharif's government after Nawaz Sharif dismissed Pevez Musharraf from service. If we believe this then Army planned takeover and also executed the job in 75 to 120 minutes because dismissal order was signed by Nawaz Sharif at 4:15 PM and Army had taken over Pakistan Television at 5:30 PM (after 75 minutes) and arrested Nawaz Sharif at 6:15 PM (after 120 minutes of signing dismissal order).

If Army was so quick in capturing Pakistan why they could not start rescue operation in the quake-hit areas for 72 hours = 4,320 minutes ?

According to the Probability Theory, one of the following statements becomes probable:

Either Pervez Musharraf had planned to topple government of Nawaz Sharif many days before it was actually toppled

And if the above is not true then:

Pevez Musharraf did not bother, for two days, about the areas affected by the present earth quake and moved only when somebody powerful pushed him.


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