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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hypocrisy and Government of Pakistan

Hypocrisy and Government of Pakistan.

Hypocrisy with rulers of our country (Pakistan) has always been there since 1953 when the first elected national assembly of our country was dismissed through an executive order but it increase with time to be at the peak for the last few years. It all descends from the top . View a few facts before I touch the matter of human rights, especially, of women about whom the government makes big boasts.

(1) About a week back, General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff (COAS), claimed that the army was not involved in political matters or that the elected government was running the country.

Fact is that Pervez Musharraf is occupying the chair of president while he is COAS and addresses political meetings arranged by ruling Pakistan Muslim League and that mostly wearing uniform of COAS while in parliamentary system neither the president nor COAS is supposed to involve himself in politics.

Armed forces officers are occupying 831 posts in the civilian government (Lt Gen/Maj Gen & equivalent in Air Force = 35, Admiral/Vice Admiral (Navy) = 20, Army Brigadiers = 102, Army Colonels = 205, Army Majors = 208, Other Ranks = 150)

Now a letter published in Daily Dawn on April 07, 2005 written by S. Asif Majeed of Karachi with title “Role of Army”.

"The Command and Staff College Quetta supplement (Dawn, March 30) made
interesting reading. It took me back to the early '50s when I was a young
policeman in Balochistan. The college was commanded by Maj-Gen Tilly (British).
My boss, an Englishman named R. G. Mellor, and I were sitting in the
Quetta Club downing a frothy when in walked Gen Tilly who gave us a lecture on
civil and military relations. In his opinion the army and the civil never really
mix, since they have hardly anything in common". It certainly seems a very far
cry from those days, now that almost every important civilian job is manned by
either an active or retired army officer. It may be an unkind cut, but a friend
of mine jokingly remarked that they are all over the place. Turn a brick and
what do you find? - even the ants are wearing khaki. Yes indeed there are plenty
of square pegs fitted into round holes. But to be fair, credit must be given
where it is due. The army is by and large making a really good job of it. The
danger, of course, lies in the fact (and this is becoming more obvious by the
day) that the cancer of corruption is spreading far too rapidly to be controlled
by the higher echelons of the army. Corruption, politics and the running of a
civilian government are always best left to parliament and elected politicians."

It has been reiterated by Gen Pevez Musharraf several times that the corruption has been rooted out from the upper level. The fact remains that all the most corrupt politicians are members of his present cabinet.

Coming to rights of men and women. It is simply a rhetoric and nothing has been practically done for oppressed women. Many statements were issued by the top persons of present government in favour of Mutaran Mai. Even prime minister granted her a meeting. However, nothing has been done to stop such cases from happening because these are being caused by the Waderas who are in the government / supporters of the government.


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