. . . . . Hypocrisy Thy Name is . . . . . منافقت . . . . .

آئین جواں مرداں حق گوئی و بے باکی..اللہ کے بندوں کو آتی نہیں روباہی...Humanity is declining by the day because an invisible termite, Hypocrisy منافقت eats away human values instilled in human brain by the Creator. I dedicate my blog to reveal ugly faces of this monster and will try to find ways to guard against it. My blog will be objective and impersonal. Commentors are requested to keep sanctity of my promise.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


In my post of February 19, 2005, it should be George Walker Bush and not John Walker Bush. The mistake is regretted.


  • At 2:42 am, Blogger Asma said…

    Asslamao alaykum w.w.!

    Well, I hope you can put some light to my latest post ... its all about hypocrisies in our nation! Well, as well my next presentation is dependant on it :)

    Link is: Insensitivity as a NationThanks and allahhafiz


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