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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Feminism a Hypocrisy or Fashion ?

Sadaf Alam from Karachi (Pakiastan) writes:
Ms Quratulain Hyder’s own remarks about Mr Ahmed were not so flattering. She is quoted as having said that Mr Ahmed’s essay did not require refutation, because that is what one could expect from a “triple M” (middle class Muslim male). When a member of the audience remarked that Ms Quratulain Hyder’s statement was a sweeping generalization, he was quickly silenced by the organizers, and thus the atmosphere of “liberation” and “freedom” suddenly seemed stifling.There were further glaring contradictions in what was being said and what was actually happening. I will give only one, but significant, example. Ms Fehmida Riaz, early in the programme, mentioned how feminists and women’s organizations were looked upon as being agents of the West. She herself asked why people thought that NGOs were foreign funded and working for the interests of the West.

So it came as a big surprise when towards the end of the programme, Mr Charlie Walker, director of the British Council, Karachi, showed up and was proudly introduced before the audience as “our sponsor”. It was mentioned during the workshop that hypocrisy has taken root in our society, where people’s words do not match their actions.

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