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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

School Choice

In Pakistan, some people send their children to costly schools. They do not forget to mention in parties that their children are studying in such and such high class school. Charges of these schools are more than ten times higher than other schools in public or private sector. High charges of education are, however, not proportional to the teaching standard because students, who secure top positions in their later studies at universities, are generally from low cost schools. On the contrary, most of the students who study in high fees schools become arrogant which to me is not a quality but a draw back.

Any way, people, who have enough money to spend, for them such schools are O K, but people, who have to work very hard to be able to pay high fees of such schools, their plight is not understandable. It appears to be result of wish to impress others about family’s high standard.

Is it not an other form of Hypocrisy ?