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Monday, October 04, 2004

Hard Disk, RAM, Firewall, Way out

Twenty year years back when I started working on computer, there were very few people in my country who had even seen computer. Now computer is known to everybody. Basic components in a computer are: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM) and main storage (Hard Disk). Initially, there was no problem of virus and spam mails. Later, it became a real threat. Now, we use defender software like Firewall, Norton / McAfee and Mail Washers.

Dear friends ! I am not about to deliver a lecture on computers. I only want to use it as a simulator for my problem solving regarding “Hypocrisy”.

The Creator has placed in His creation, human beings, a Hard disk and a RAM. The Hard Disk (brain) is protected by a Firewall which protects the Hard Disk from spam and virus. This Firewall is designated as “Conscience”.

Human Hard Disk can be accessed through RAM. This RAM has been given in to individual control of every human being. Human beings use this RAM to seek advice (information / data / programme) from the Hard Disk for any action. It is here that judgment is personal affair of the individual.

The RAM due to contact with the environment prone to receive spam and virus (sometimes deadly virus). Satin (Iblees) works to store the wrong in this RAM. Human being, contrary to his / her exhibited behaviour, due to attraction of brightness / lust for momentary pleasure, falls prey to the wrong and, misjudging, disables the firewall (conscience), perhaps thinking one time no harm, thereby letting the spam and / or virus to enter the Hard Disk. This is how spam and virus pollute / infect the Hard Disk. Once gone for lust, fear of wrong reduces and human being repeats “disabling of Firewall”. Repetition of such carelessness weakens the Firewall to such an extent that it becomes nearly ineffective. In the long run, Hard Disk is largely infected and the individual is unable to perceive the difference in what is good and what bad for him / her. For such a person it is said that his / her conscience is gone asleep.

Many believers who decided that no harm would result from going out to smoke a cigarette or to have a few drinks (alcoholic) with friends or co-workers have later wondered how smoking / alcohol was able to destroy their lives.

To avoid becoming a Hypocrite, one has not only to abstain from whatever is wrong, but also to abstain from whatever appears to be wrong. What makes this advice to follow is our inability, at times, to use proper judgment in avoiding wrong action. By the time we realize that we have gone too far, turning around becomes difficult.


  • At 7:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You've taken a hypothesis and tried to force facts to fit your theory. Your arguments are lame and hollow. Please stop wasting etherspace.

  • At 5:11 pm, Blogger Hypocrisy Thy Name said…

    Your solid comments are awaited. And, who has given you the authority to stop others ? Why don't you try that on yourself ?


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