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آئین جواں مرداں حق گوئی و بے باکی..اللہ کے بندوں کو آتی نہیں روباہی...Humanity is declining by the day because an invisible termite, Hypocrisy منافقت eats away human values instilled in human brain by the Creator. I dedicate my blog to reveal ugly faces of this monster and will try to find ways to guard against it. My blog will be objective and impersonal. Commentors are requested to keep sanctity of my promise.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Your comment dated 9/26/2004 10:42 AM

Anonymous: Your views smell of purity which is very rare in the so
called developed / civilized society of today. Your story has made
me recall all what has been haunting me for the past year and a
half, and forced me to start my blog. Study of past history reveals
that there was much less Hypocrisy some centuries back. Singing the
song of humanity, we headed to the path of development and, in
stead, developed beastly qualities of human being. In one way you are luckier than me that you have friends who share
your views / feelings. You are right in saying:

We can only survive together if we cling together as

"One big human family" and respect one another.


  • At 10:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you Mr. Bhopal. It used to be that a Man's word was his honor. That is no longer true. Instead, it is each man for himself with no honor.

    I am out in the desert where I have to travel quite a distance to the city. I miss my friends and I miss the multicultural diversity.

    I miss "my family".

    Being out here, can sometimes distort the perception.

    I like your blog because it addresses a topic that is more prevalent today than anytime I can remember. Writing to you makes me want to be with "my family" from many nations and enjoy each other's company.

    Take Care. Many Blessings to you.

  • At 2:35 pm, Blogger Hypocrisy Thy Name said…

    Respectable Anonymous (Lady): Your comment is so gratifing ! and I am obliged by your nice prayer for me.
    After reading your comment I visualed a person in desert away from family and friends. Oh my God ! it is very tiring. In 1966-67, I was in a very busy city, Duesseldorf (Germany) but away from friends and family. All the hustle bustle of Duesseldorf looked to me only noise. I earnestly pray to God to grant you all your good wishes. Amen.
    "Honour" used to be a precious quality. Word of mouth used to be honoured come what may. I recall, about 50 years back in a village of Pakistan, a person sought shelter from an old man telling him that he had by chance killed a young man. The old man, getting impressed by humility of the killer, granted him shelter. Soon old man came to know that he had killed his son. The old man went to the killer and said, "I have given you my word and do not want that one of my brothers or sons take revenge from you. They will be here tomorrow morning. So, before next morning you go as far from my house as possible."
    These days, word is no word, honour is no honour. Though there are people who are honest and trust-worthy but due to general environment we can not lay our trust in anybody.


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