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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Help the Sweet Little Girl

She is a 3 years old girl found in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2 month ago. Seems she got lost and no body there has so far reported her missing. Due to her age they are unable to get any information of her family. The sad story is that sometimes she puts mobile phone on her ear and keep crying and calling Baba Baba (Dad...Dad)

I have received this message from a friend and placing it on my blog with the hope that any single contact may play important role in the girl's destiny... As the range of this list varies across different countries (yours may as well) someone may happen to recognize the girl or may have heard about missing child...

The child is now with Jamaiat Al-Nahdah (Al Nahdah Charity) in Riyadh. Their contact details as follows:
Public Relation, Media Division
Phone # 01 465 0029.
Come on lovers of human values. Publish this on your blogs and also circulate it through e-mail to your acquaintances.

Many thanks to all who will make a try.


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