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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Law of the Seed

Take a look at an apple tree. There might be five hundred apples on the tree and each apple has ten seeds. That's a lot of seeds!

We might ask, "Why would you need so many seeds to grow just a few more apple trees?"

Nature has something to teach us here.

It is telling us: “Not all seeds grow. In life, most seeds never grow”.
So if you really want to make something happen, you had better try more than once."

This might mean that you will: attend twenty interviews to get one job. interview forty people to find one good employee.
talk to fifty people to sell one house, one car, a business idea, etc.
meet a hundred acquaintances just to find one special friend.


  • At 8:24 pm, Blogger .:*FairyDust*:. said…

    mashallah, thats so true. One has to try many times in order to get what he desires and you present the perfect analogy.

  • At 3:43 am, Blogger comicsans said…

    Its such an adorable post. :)

  • At 1:07 pm, Blogger iabhopal said…

    Fairy Dust

    Thank you for you pleasing remarks


    Thank you

  • At 1:08 pm, Blogger Hypocrisy Thy Name said…

    Fairy Dust

    Thank you for you pleasing remarks


    Thank you

  • At 2:06 am, Blogger Asma said…

    Who knows ... Yes ...!

    At last now, everything's fine at my end , alhamdolillah :)

  • At 10:19 am, Blogger Hypocrisy Thy Name said…

    Miss Asma

    Allah SWT knows but we must give a try. After all a student studies one or more whole books just to answer 5 or so questions in the exam.

    I have also received your e-mail. Thank you for the delails.


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