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Monday, September 20, 2004

Enemy Better than Hypocrite

Sorry for absence of few days. Have been busy on some other project.

There is marked difference between Hypocrisy and Enmity.

Hypocrite is an enemy under the garb of a friend or well-wisher.

One can know an enemy with little or more effort but it is very difficult (some times impossible) to detect a Hypocrite.

Thus, Hypocrite is much more dangerous person than enemy.


  • At 3:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Interesting. In my experience, hypocrites are usually people who project an image that is totally different than what is inside of them. Sometimes enemies can be people who project an image that is completely different than what is inside of them as well. Enemies sometimes never make themselves known....until the final moment.

    I know that for me, the most damaging experience I have had is when people I thought were my friends, ended up being enemies and had turned me over to a government program that nearly cost me my life. These were people that had very intimate knowledge of myself and my family. They also carried educational degrees that made other people vulnerable to them...like medical doctors, nurses, bio-engineers, computer scientists...etc.


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