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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The disastrous Jolt of Last October 8

One year back, Free part of Jammu Kashmir and Northern provinces of Pakistan were severely jolted but Free part of Jammu Kashmir and Northern areas of Pakistan had become valley of death. Nearly all buildings had come down. It was 7.6 magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc.

Last year, it was death and destruction but this time it may be disease and hunger. With humanitarian corps pulled out long ago and generous Pakistanis only very little in sight, the challenge is still right here haunting the 3.5 million people.Today, the survivors stand alone amid the debris of their homes and desires.

A year after the earthquake, the reconstruction could hardly kick off. The most vulnerable tucked on the mountain slopes of Neelum, Leepa, Kaghan, Naran, Bisham, Allai valleys and other remain under-served. The payment of so called 'compensation' installments remains more controversial than the very amount of money being offered to reconstruct the homes and start lives afresh.

The earthquake zone ranging from the outskirts of Abbottabad to the shaken peaks of Allai, Neelum and Leepa mountains, scores of survivors are awaiting the first installment of the government-announced compensation while the Erra bureaucracy claims to have so far disbursed Rs25 billion among the victims as compensation.

Ironically, however, last year it was a, but this year it could be a harsh winter that threatens the ill-equipped, under-nourished and homeless 3.5 million survivors.

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