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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Continuing Quiz of July 26

You didn’t know well the answers to quiz of July 26.
Never mind. Try this one:

List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.
Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.
Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.
Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.
Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.
Name half a dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you.

Easier, wasn't it? Now, the lesson:

The point is that none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. Those listed in the last post were not second-rate achievers; they were the best in their fields. But, applause dies, awards tarnish, achievements are forgotten, certificates and accolades are buried with their owners.

The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones who truly care.

Why not be one of those people?
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